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5 Most Dangerous Trends in Resume Companies
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5 Most Dangerous Characteristics of other Resume Companies

1. A Lack of Focus-Most resume companies out there today will write anyone's resume. If those same people have credit cards and an Internet connection, it is easy for them to fall victim to those kinds of companies' services. When they choose a "generalist" resume company to write their resumes for them, they will not know that those companies' writers do not have any experience writing resumes geared toward their field of experience. The writers there may have experience composing resumes for all kinds of professionals, including veterinarians, accountants, salesmen, and even secretaries; but the person writing their specific resume may have never even seen or written the resume of an attorney, law student, or legal professional before.

Here at Attorney Resume, we compose resumes solely for attorneys and other legal professionals. There are a myriad of rules and procedures to follow when crafting the perfect resume for anyone in the legal field. We are experts when it comes to that particular subject and are able to recognize what attorneys actually do for a living. As a result, we can craft the perfect resume representing their legal experience. We have an extensive staff of experienced and excellent writers that compose attorney and law student resumes on a daily basis. The average resume writers of those other companies would not be able to create such exceptional documents due to their lack of understanding of the legal field.

Attorney Resume is also a division of Employmentscape, the largest attorney-employment company in the world. The writers here are exposed to everything related to the legal field and are surrounded by 200+ other employees that concentrate in the legal-employment arena. Every day, they continually interact and discuss changes and trends in the legal field, giving them an advantage over the other resume companies out there.

2. Using Independent Contractors and Part-Time Staff-At most resume companies, with few exceptions, are independent contractors working off-site to write resumes. Some of these people have day jobs and work on resumes only at night, while others work their way through school by using the extra money to pay their tuition. Since many of these writers are paid for each individual resume that they write, their incentive is to write as many resumes as quickly as possible to increase their incomes. As a result, there are a lot of inexperienced people working in the resume-writing industry today.

At Attorney Resume, all of our writers are employees of the company. They work out of our offices and are trained in both our offices and on periodic retreats as well. In addition, our writers work on salary, which means that they have no intention of rushing through their clients' orders to increase their own incomes. Our writers will spend as much time as necessary on their clients' documents so that they can give them the most well-written documents possible. They also work out of our offices to keep their clients' information secure.

3. Not Dealing With a Serious Company-Many resume companies are managed by people on a part-time basis or are even run as one-person operations. These same operations may be run out of people's homes and do not even take credit cards. They will then request that people send them a check or pay them through a company such as PayPal for their services, which is not always the best way to pay for any form of service under these types of conditions.

Attorney Resume is part of a large multinational company that is involved in serious businesses, including legal recruiting. This company also runs the largest legal job board in the world. When people deal with a serious company such as this one, they benefit from a level of oversight and accountability at all levels that they would simply not find at any other resume company out there.

4. The Lack of a System of Core Values That Demands Getting Attorneys & Law Students Jobs-At Attorney Resume, we have always been clear on our core values. Our number-one priority is, and always has been, to get attorneys, law students, and legal professionals jobs through our excellent work product. We are determined to assist them in their job searches, and our purpose here is to help attorneys get great jobs. We want to help others, not ourselves, and we love what we do.

We believe that the greatest gift anyone can provide someone else is the ability to work, and we know that our profession is the noblest profession because we provide people the ability to work at their highest level. When we help people work, we improve their lives and the lives of everyone surrounding them. Our company contributes to society and enriches people's lives in a way that nothing else can.

5. A Lack of Serious Attention to Detail-Many resume companies believe that essentially anyone can write resumes. These individuals are then given the opportunity to work on resumes professionally for other resume companies.

The ideal resume writer is exceptionally detail-oriented, far more detailed than the average writer. At Attorney Resume, we are focused on writing the perfect resume for our clients. As experts, we can review your resume and make significant changes that even the most experienced and detail-oriented attorneys miss. Let our team of professional resume writers craft the perfect resume for you today.

The Easy, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Attorney Resume's professional resume writers aren't satisfied unless their clients are. For a full three to nine months after your sign up date (depending on the service package selected), Attorney Resume writers will draft, revise, and tweak new resume and cover letters free of charge and to your satisfaction.

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