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Benefits to You of Working with Attorney Resume
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Is this the largest resume company exclusively for attorneys and law students? Yes   No
Has the company written resumes for the most important attorneys in the United States? Yes   No
Does the company offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee? Yes   No
Does the company only do attorney and law student resumes? Yes   No
Does the company write books on attorney resumes? Yes   No
Does the company know how to organize information on a legal resume? Yes   No
Does the company employ independent contractors or part-time staff? No   Yes
Do the resume writers pay strict attention to detail? Yes   No
Is resume production supervised by attorneys? Yes   No
Does the company guarantee confidentiality? Yes   No


We are the largest resume company exclusively for attorneys and law students.

Attorney Resume is the largest resume company in the United States exclusively for attorneys and law students. There is no larger company anywhere that does more resumes for law students and attorneys. We do thousands of resumes for attorneys and law students each year.

Because we are such a large company, we have the experience you need to ensure that your resume is completed in a timely and effective matter. Through working with thousands of law students and attorneys throughout the years, we have come to know what you expect and have created policies and procedures in our organization to ensure that we complete each resume in the way you expect.

Growth typically happens for a reason. Organizations like ours grow when they are doing something correctly and doing it correctly over and over again. Most of our business comes through referrals from people who have used our service in the past and gotten outstanding resumes. Referrals beget more and more referrals.

Success leaves clues. In the case of Attorney Resume, you are dealing with a company that has provided generations of attorneys and law students with exceptional services year after year. We invite you to be a part of our tradition of excellence.

We have written resumes for the most important attorneys in the United States.

At Attorney Resume, we've written resumes for governors, federal judges, and even law professors. In fact, many of the most successful attorneys in the United States today are former clients of Attorney Resume. As a resume company that specializes in writing resumes for attorneys and law students, we have been involved in crafting the resumes of some of the most important attorneys and politicians of our time.

We have written resumes for countless partners from the largest to the smallest law firms in the United States. We have written resumes for associates at the largest and smallest law firms in the United States. We have written resumes for numerous attorneys you may have seen in the news.

While we are not sure of the reasons for this, we have found that our clients are typically among the more successful law students and attorneys in the United States. We expect that this is because the most successful people typically want to ensure that they do everything possible to be successful and leave nothing to chance.

At Attorney Resume we work as a team and want to do everything within our power to make certain that you have the very best career possible. We want your resume to be absolutely perfect.

Our work is guaranteed.

Attorney Resume has so much confidence in the quality of its work that it guarantees your satisfaction. We do not just write your resume and expect you to take it if you are not happy. At Attorney Resume we will do whatever it takes to make you happy with your resume.

As the nation's premier and largest resume company for attorneys and law students, our objective is to work with you and be with you for your entire career. We are not going anywhere and want to be your trusted source that you come back to year after year. Most of our clients are referrals and people who have used us in the past. We want to be your partner in your legal career.


We only do attorney and law student resumes.

At Attorney Resume all we do is write resumes for law students and attorneys. The fact that we are so focused on the resumes of legal professionals like you means that we know what to look for, we know what the best attorneys expect, and we know what makes your resume stand out.

Our company was founded by arguably the most successful legal recruiter ever in the United States, A. Harrison Barnes. Harrison has worked with extreme care to ensure that you get the same standard he put into revising the resumes of his own clients. When he was recruiting, Harrison worked with very few attorneys at one time due to the massive amount of work he would put into their resumes and into highlighting their skills and accomplishments. As a client of Attorney Resume, you will receive the same level of excellence that the top attorneys in the world receive from top legal recruiters.

The right resume can make a huge difference and it is important that you work with a company that has the skills to give you the resume you are entitled to and deserve. An average resume company will have no idea how to highlight your legal experience. They do not understand what is important and what is not important. At Attorney Resume, we have experience getting people jobs in the legal profession and making a huge difference in their careers. This is exactly what you need as a legal professional. When you are using an average resume company you are not only taking a chance, you may also be doing serious harm to your career.

When you sign up for Attorney Resume we have you fill out a questionnaire that is geared specifically towards law students and attorneys. This questionnaire is something that we use to understand your particular strengths and weaknesses. From the information we gather we determine what needs to be highlighted. Because we deal only with attorneys and law students, we know the precise information that needs to be brought out on your resume and the sort of information that needs to be suppressed.

We create individual resumes specifically for each client at Attorney Resume because no two clients are the same. Everyone needs a different type of resume. Because our organization was founded by an attorney, we treat each resume as a specific "case" to be evaluated and discussed before a final product is produced. Our goal is nothing less than to make sure that the final result we give to you is something that dramatically advances your career.

We wrote the book (literally) on attorney resumes.

At Attorney Resume, we literally "wrote the book" on legal resumes with our landmark publication of The Perfect Legal Resume, our best-selling book about legal resume writing. We offer our legal resume book free to all clients and the general public to give them insights into creating the perfect legal resume.

We know how to organize information on a legal resume.

There is a huge and significant difference between how information is organized on a legal resume versus the average resume. On a legal resume your experience may need to be organized in a different manner depending upon whether or not you are a transactional attorney or a litigator.

We do not use independent contractors or part-time staff.

At most resume writing companies, with a few exceptions, independent contractors working off-site are hired to write resumes. Some of these people have day jobs and work on resumes only at night, while others work their way through school, using the extra money to pay their tuition. Since many of these writers are paid for each individual resume that they write, their incentive is to write as many resumes as they can as quickly as possible. Needless to say, there are a lot of inexperienced people working in the resume writing industry today.

At Attorney Resume, all of our writers are employees of the company. They work out of our offices and are trained in both our offices and on periodic retreats as well. In addition, our writers work on salary, which means that they do not have to rush through their clients' orders to increase their own incomes. Our writers will spend as much time as is necessary on their clients' documents so that they can give them the best work product possible.

We pay strict attention to detail.

Many resume companies believe that anyone can write resumes. At Attorney Resume we have to disagree. The ideal resume writer is exceptionally detail-oriented, far more so than the average writer.

At Attorney Resume, we are focused on writing the perfect resume for our clients. As experts, we can review your resume and make significant changes that even the most experienced and detail-oriented attorneys miss. Let our team of professional resume writers craft the perfect resume for you today.

Our resume production is supervised by attorneys.

When you have your resume completed by Attorney Resume the work is ultimately supervised by an attorney. This means that when you receive your final product, you will see that a great deal of thought and time has gone into it. We want to do everything within our power to ensure that you have the absolute best resume possible and that you are wholly satisfied.

We are not aware of another company out there whose resume production is supervised by attorneys. This is what you are entitled to and deserve as a valued client of Attorney Resume.


Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

At Attorney Resume we know how important and sensitive a job search can be. We protect the confidentiality of our clients rigorously and all of our employees are required to sign confidentiality agreements. No one will ever know you are having your resume worked on. Your legal resume is your business and your business only.

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The Easy, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Attorney Resume's professional resume writers aren't satisfied unless their clients are. For a full three to nine months after your sign up date (depending on the service package selected), Attorney Resume writers will draft, revise, and tweak new resume and cover letters free of charge and to your satisfaction.

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